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Straightforward pricing structure with no hidden costs

We know that many people worry about how much legal help will cost so we’ve made it simple. With Astute HR you’ve got three options:

  • A one-off fixed fee, agreed and paid up front.
  • An hourly rate where we’ll keep you informed of what’s due at every stage so you aren’t stretched beyond your means.
  • Retainer – a monthly fixed fee for on demand services, available to employers only.

Our standard hourly rate is £350 plus VAT (£420), but we don’t want to charge you that. We charge you by the problem solved rather than by the hour, so that you pay for value rather than for time.

Fixed price quotes are based on your desired outcomes which can be anything from an assessment of your matter to unlimited advice and assistance up to and including the conclusion of an employment tribunal case, and everything HR/employment law related inbetween.

We operate a no surprises policy when it comes to our pricing so contact us today for us to offer you a quote to resolve whatever your HR/employment law problem is.


Service information

  • Services included for the quoted fixed prices are agreed with you in advance so you are clear on the outcomes that you are paying for.
  • Your preferred form of communication is agreed upfront e.g. emails, telephone calls, Skype calls and/or WhatsApp messages, if you like.
  • Separate fixed-price quotes are agreed for face-to-face meetings or any on-site visits.
  • Key stages in conducting your matter can include: reviews of HR documentation, an assessment of your case, negotiations, written communications, exit packages and employment tribunal proceedings.
  • Typically our fixed price quotes cover situations that can be resolved in a matter of days to a maximum of 1 or 2 months depending on the complexity of the situation.
  • Our legal team has a combined HR/employment law expertise and experience of over 60 years in dealing with and resolving problems situations for both employers and employees. Specific details of the qualifications and experience of the lawyer conducting your case can be made available on request.