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We know we’re great at what we do and we’re confident we can get you the result you deserve but you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us…

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by Julie McLaughlin - Office Manager at Eastern Group UK on Jul 19 2019 15:58

What a great company to work with, Tosh you have been great with your advice and guidance which has helped me through the process by giving me the confidence to deal with a disciplinary process effectively, efficiently and without stress! Would highly recommend your services. For me it’s a 5/5 stars!

by Kathrin Sreetharan – Operations Manager on Jul 18 2019 15:59

Astute HR really helped me during a situation with a previous employer. Astute gave me the advice and help I needed to guide me through a very stressful time. They answered questions I wouldn’t have been able to answer without them as their knowledge was excellent, their service was reliable and prompt, meaning the situation was resolved quickly without the unwanted measures of court appearances. As this was a stressful time for me and my family they also communicated with me regularly keeping me up to date and reassuring me that this would be resolved quickly. Astute HR helped me get the outcome I wanted, I would highly recommend them and if needed I would use them again in the future! Thank you so much Astute HR for looking after me and my case so professionally.

by AM - Suffolk on Jun 17 2019 17:10

We were pleased that help and practical advice was given without obligation. As the topic involved a TUPE matter, we were passed to Mark Legister for this advice. Mark was very clear and transparent about steps to be taken, the process and likely timeline, a balanced view on likely success, and all information around costing to help us make decisions. We decided to go ahead and found Mark’s support outstanding throughout, particularly to leading up to, and on the day of the mediation, with sound advice in the negotiation. The case was really well constructed by Mark, and he even negotiated a little more for us that we would not have otherwise asked for! As a result we would recommend Astute HR to support in seeking the most practical resolution. I would rate Mark Legister at Astute HR 5 stars - his is a premium service so may not be for all. The willingness to engage without obligation and pressure, in order to receive a basic advice differentiates them from other practises.

by Caroline on May 22 2019 05:53

Tosh has been incredibly helpful and provided support during a difficult time I had with my health and getting my employer to understand the seriousness of it to make reasonable adjustments for me to return to work, in addition to understanding my rights for sick pay. Tosh ensured that I always understood the actions we were taking, how we were presenting them and most importantly, why. Tosh is very professional in addition to being approachable, and always made time to have a call on any matters I needed further guidance on. I highly recommend Astute HR to anyone seeking legal advice on employment matters.

by Anonymous – Head Office Employee of a Pharmaceutical Company on May 9 2019 10:37

Tosh, you have been an amazing help and source of support whilst closing a difficult experience and chapter in my working life, after almost a decade under the same management. As you were aware with my case, I had gone through an extremely difficult time, which affected my health, especially in my last year of employment with my previous employer. Thank you for removing the pressures of my case from me, and handling my case to a truly professional and high standard. I will surely recommend you to anyone seeking employment law advice. Wishing you continued successes with your company.
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