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We know we’re great at what we do and we’re confident we can get you the result you deserve but you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us…

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by Elliot Titre – Quantity Surveyor (MRICS) on May 7 2020 12:39

Many thanks for your service - yourself and Angela have made this as painless as possible and I am very impressed and grateful for the speed at which you have dealt with my case - given that I only first spoke to Angela mid-morning today. I found your explanation of the agreement very clear and am extremely grateful for the amendments you suggested. An overall a very user-friendly experience. 5 stars out of 5! I will keep a note of your details and be pleased to pass them on should family/friends/colleagues be in need. Thanks both and take care - hopefully you won't hear from me on 28th other than to say thanks again!!

by Brian Mills – Service Delivery Manager on May 6 2020 17:23

Thank you so much for helping me through this period. I have found your advice invaluable and when feeling overwhelmed with any situation a quick call to yourself was always reassuring. It's a real struggle to find any negative feedback….I have had my son phone you when he had a difficult time at work about six months ago and found some invaluable advice on a phone conversation with one of your colleague’s. I will definitely pass on your company’s details and recommendation. Thanking you again, it has been likewise a pleasure through a difficult time.

by Olivia Thompson – Restaurant Relations Coordinator on May 4 2020 16:57

Thank you so much for your prompt, friendly and thorough attention to this matter, I have been more than satisfied with your services and would not hesitate to recommend you should any friends or colleagues require your assistance. All the best.

by Donna Shepherd – Director of Customer Services for Playground Facilities Ltd on Apr 30 2020 13:01

Hey Tosh, many thanks for your help with this, I would certainly recommend your services to our professional network. No doubt, we will be back in touch sometime in the future. Take care and Kind regards.

by Alan Guinan - MD at Hertfordshire Cleaners Ltd on Apr 21 2020 16:47

A case was raised against our company, the first for the company and being a small company we do not employ a specific HR manager - we needed help. Our belief was we had no case to answer to but how do we put that into legal jargon and achieve the right result? We surfed and left a message and spoke with "Tosh" (Thushara). After this initial call I had a growing feeling of confidence in Astute HR and Tosh. We explained our case in detail to Tosh, agreed some basic terms, had a call the following day after giving me time to consider the earlier call. Our options were very clearly laid out by Tosh. We chose the path we were to take and Tosh then gave exceedingly clear advice on our legal position and what we needed to do to progress the case. We set out a timeline of items we needed to complete, who needed what and where everything was required to be. Confidence was high, I was happy to be using Astute HR - contact with them was easy and achieved at almost any time. I felt good with my selection for support. Tosh is quite fast talking that requires some shorthand skills to make notes of action but pleasingly he was happy to repeat what he had explained so we had the exact detail in our documents and submissions. The path we chose was for us to do as much as we possibly could to keep the costs low. Tosh recognised a small company was never going to be keen to spend a lot of money in HR support and structured our joint work accordingly. I thought was a nice touch for Astute HR to not be cherry-picking the high value cases - us 'small-fish' need competent assistance. We had a brief spell where Tosh and his team were needing to attribute significant time to other cases, I respect that, although this may have been a little frustrating, when we did get the opportunity to speak with Tosh we received assurances all was OK and he is clearly very mindful of the tribunals timings - we did not miss a single date set out by the courts. Importantly for us; everything we were informed would happen, not just from our side but the work Tosh was conducting on our behalf, became fact - yet again a further instance to competence in HR matters being handled by Astute HR. At the closing stages of our case, Tosh outlined the options for us to decide our route to case closure but he did put forward a case for following a particular route - great advice, great guidance - making life for us easier. A tribunal raised against your company is quite frightening, we made a good selection in Astute HR, with their skill and knowledge our path to closure was fairly peaceful but we have to accept our tension was reduced by the reassurance of Tosh and achieving the agreed milestones at each fixed calendar date. Please accept our sincerest thanks - we are very happy with the outcome. I will happily recommend Astute HR to any of my colleagues.
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