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Tribunal Proceedings Advice

Tribunal Proceedings AdviceEmployment Tribunals can be costly, damaging and exhausting, so we aim to resolve as many as possible outside of the courtroom. If that’s not possible we’ll provide you with the best preparation and representation to ensure you have the best chance of defending any claim.
If you have already received a tribunal claim form an employee or you suspect there is one on the horizon, you need to talk to our employment law specialist now. They can:

    • Help establish whether the claim is valid before you part with any money
    • Explain your options and what each will mean for the future of your business
    • If you decide to go to court we’ll ensure your case is prepared and presented in the best possible way, including providing representation in court.
    • If you would prefer to settle outside of the courtroom, we’ll use our expert negotiating skills to ensure you get the best possible result.
    • Provide practical advice and support throughout the whole process – we’re on your side

Don’t leave anything to chance, call our employment law specialists on 020 3011 0201 to find out your options.

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