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Defending an unfair or constructive dismissal claim

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Defending an unfair or constructive dismissal claimUnfair, wrongful or constructive dismissal claims are not only unpleasant for a business but can be a huge drain on both your time and your finances.

If you are facing one of these claims we can help you find the best resolution for your business.

Why choose Astute HR?

We’ve worked with both employers and employees in these cases, we understand both sides of the story and that helps us to anticipate, plan and find the right solution for you.

If you need to fight, then we’ll be there with you, using our employment law expertise to prepare and present your case and ensuring your success.

If you want to keep it out of court, we‘ll use our expert negotiation skills to help settle the claim as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Whatever the situation we’re confident we can get the right result. Why? Because, in every case we’ve represented, our client got the result they wanted.

Protecting the future of your business

It’s important to resolve your case in the most appropriate way. We want to not only to get the fastest and most cost effective result for you but help you discourage and avoid the same thing happening again.

Our support doesn’t have to stop once an individual case is resolved. We can use our HR expertise to work with you, helping with all your HR requirements from recruitment, contracts, policies and procedures to audits and training.

Take a look at our Business Support Package to see our full range of HR services.

Protect your business – Call our employment law specialists on 020 3011 0201 to find out how we can help.

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