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We know we’re great at what we do and we’re confident we can get you the result you deserve but you don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what some of our clients have to say about us…

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by Karen Franklin - New Business Consultant on Sep 10 2018 14:32

I can honestly say you were fantastic, I was very nervous when I was told to get a solicitor, its urgent etc... Within minutes of speaking with you I felt at ease and you explained everything to me so clearly. I would recommend you in a flash… I could not express enough how professional and helpful you were and that you made the whole process so easy…Again thank you so much - you were wonderful.

by Neil Graham - Managing Director at SpaYse International on Sep 10 2018 14:28

Lets cut to the chase shall we, Tosh and Astute HR, is who you need when you have any legal HR issues. I could tell you they are good, but I would be lying as they are "great". Tosh and Astute HR, for all your legal HR needs, there's no fuss, no worries, and no problem. Recommend them, I most certainly do.

by G.S. - General Manager on Aug 30 2018 14:24

I just wanted to say an enormous thank you for having snapped me out of my misery today. Thank you so much for talking to me so plain, simple and straight to the point, telling me exactly what the law says and how safe I stand in all this. Thank you also for reassuring me that you will be there to support me if this company will actually try to file a claim against me, having always acted with honesty, due diligence and best practice it's a great relief to hear that I don't need to spend my savings trying to defend myself but that it will be just enough to reply to the court with my honest and simple answers, I feel vindicated and with your support not alone anymore. I would be delighted to refer your name to anyone needing an employment law and HR expert, absolutely.

by Avijit Kelkar - GDPR IP (patent Trademarks) and other Legal Services on Jun 6 2018 13:54

Thushara gives a sense of support that many few do on the first call. Very direct, very practical and to the point advice. Confident and authoritative (in the nicest possible way). You tend to blindly follow the advice and rightly so. Good luck!

by Nicki & Roger – Directors on May 24 2018 16:45

We would like to record our grateful thanks for all the support and hard work you and Mark have done on our behalf. It’s been a really difficult time for us and we both know that it’s your positive support and actions that have got us to a conclusion that will enable us to move on. Our rating for your service is 5 STAR – it could not be any less. We would not hesitate to recommend you and your team to anyone in the future, should their need your services. Thank you both again.
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